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It comes from Japan to Bangladesh and about three years.
Japanese restaurant [nagasaki] is opened and one year is received.
Thanks are put in the usual patronage and I greet it.

バングラデシュ ランチ新メニュー
  New lineup of lunch menu!!
Popular lunch menu best 3
The lunch menu is newly enhanced, too. Details are here.
ダッカ ながさき 新メニュー
ダッカ ながさき 新メニュー
  The dinner set was newly added to the menu at night.
The menu at night changes completely,
too.The price also puts thanks and renewedly.
Three kinds of the set appetizer and tyawanmushi,
and this mini cold buckwheat noodles or noodle or miso soup,
and desserts of a popular sushi and the tempura.
1250TK is cheap in this volume.

Other dinner sets are arranged. Details are here.



Popular lunch menu best 3

1st 2nd 3rd

 To all the lunch menus
The main dish plus, rice, miso soup, three-kind in small pot piling, and plus another goods.

It is this volume and 450TK !!

It is still. Abundant lunch menus.   It is possible to enjoy it with all 450TK.

It returns to TOP.

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